When you come to see The Joshua Trees U2 Tribute Show, whether you expect it or not, it will change the way you think about music. It will touch your heart. You will never be the same. Life-Changing!

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As a fan of U2, to be at this show, you'll have one celebrating/inspiring moment after another. There should be a T-shirt that says: “Awe-inspiring.”

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After decades of ground-breaking albums and concerts you would think that a cover band could not bring anything else to it's performance. This band has found a way to do just that. Come see for yourself.

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"And you can dream, so Dream Out Loud"

The Joshua Trees U2 Tribute Show has a true connection to Ireland. Known for his dream of creating the best U2 tribute The Joshua Trees' Edge, Eamon, is keeping the dream alive. Liked by U2 and music fans alike, The Joshua Trees U2 Tribute Show works hard to present the best possible representation. The quality of their sound puts them in the highest arena of U2 tributes.

Authentic instrumentation, stellar vocal performances. You come expecting a good performance and you leave feeling you have seen something that just can't be compared.

If there were awards and distinctions given, or the number of products sold, The Joshua Trees U2 Tribute Shows' philosophy would still be the same: "Dream Out Loud!"

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